I started taking photographs with my first camera when I was 10 years old.  I call myself an "amateur photographer" because I do not get paid to take photographs.  However, I do take all family and friends photographs of events and have for throughout my adulthood.  So, needless to say, I love to record memories.  I feel it is important to preserve the memories we have into timeless remembrances for many years to come.  Having said that, I found myself with boxes full, computers mostly full, tablets, cameras, and cell phones with photographs and videos on them that I have taken over my life span.  It became overwhelming to find a specific event that my kids or I wanted to share or just look at again.  I decided I needed a better more convenient way to view the special occasions in my life.  So a about 10 years ago  I started creating simple slideshows for myself, friends, and family using a program that came on my computer, and burning them to DVD to watch in my DVD player hooked up to the television in the living room.  My family and friends loved them! After a short while I "outgrew" the limitations of the program,  I wanted more complex shows.  I started looking around for the best programs that gave me the most flexibility to be creative.


Of course, these programs required a learning curve.  So I took a few months to learn the complex techniques these programs had to offer.  My friends and family helped me critique my skill with every show I made for them.  I didn't want a response of just "yeah that's nice", I wanted a response of "WOW that's great!!!".  I practiced until I reached, what I call, WOW status. That was when I knew that my skills had reached professional level.


A good video presentation will trigger an emotional response from the viewer.  My video productions are created using a combination of pictures, video clips, styles, effects, transitions, and music brought together to bring a desired  emotional response from the viewer of their favorite memories.

NOTE: Last year my computer and all backups were stolen from me.  I was devastated that so many years of memories were gone in an instant.  All of my digital photos (literally hundreds) and many of my analog photos, turned to digital, were taken from me.  My saving grace was many of those pictures had already been turned into Photo-2-Video Montages on DVDs that I had created for my family and friends.  I am consoled that all has not been lost by the theft of all my technology because I had preserved many of these memories on DVDs already.




"Picture this Productions created a video of my granddaughter and me over the past ten years. While watching the video i was so moved I had tears streaming down my cheeks."     D.R.


"I had some pictures of my children's crazy antics and faces, caught on film, over the years. I gave them to Picture This Productions. to have a photo-2-video montage made.  I showed this DVD  during our annual family holiday party and they laughed through the whole thing, and wanted to watch it again!  I gave each of them a copy for a gift.  They love it!"    C.S.


"Picture This production created a Celebration of Life video of my grandmother throughout her life.  We played it at the memorial service and at the Celebration of Live gathering .  It was so moving and such a great video that represented her life with us.  Thank you for putting these memories together for us to view time and again over the years." J.W.