Get your pictures and video clips out of their storage places like the the box of pictures in the top of your closet, files on your computer, your digital cameras, cell phones, and tablets.  Let Picture This Productions transform your favorite pictures and video clips into a spectacular memory Photo-2-Video Montage so you can conveniently relive your memories over and over again for years to come and share them with your family and friends easily and conveniently. Photo-2-Video Montages play on most DVD players. TVs. and computers.


Give your Photo-2-Video Montage as a gift, show them as entertainment at your next gathering, party, or special occasion.  There are so many things in your life to take pictures of so why not enjoy them time and again at your convenience any time you want!


You take pictures of weddings, vacations, reunions, babies, anniversaries, holidays, and even unexpected every day events.  Now take those pictures and let Picture This Productions make spectacular Photo-2-Video Montages that tell your stories.


To see some examples of Photo-2-Video Montages created by Picture This Productions click HERE.


Here are some of the stories you can tell with Photo-2-Video Montages.


Picture This



Take the pictures of your favorite vacation. When you get home have a Photo-2-Video Montage made from the pictures and video clips.  Throw a theme party with all of your closest friends and family and show your vacation Photo-2-Video Montage as part of the entertainment.



Play a Photo-2-Video Montage of the bride and groom growing up, meeting, and dating at the wedding reception. The bride and groom get the copy to take home with them, as a wedding gift.


Give the bride and groom the gift of a Photo-2-Video Montage of their wedding from all of the great pictures taken from a professional photographer and the attending guests. 


Put a disposable camera on each table and had the guests take pictures of the reception, getting all those candid shots the photographer might miss. When the reception was over the guests left the disposable cameras on the table.  My customer collected them and had a video made from all of the fun shots and gave it to the bride and groom. What a great way to remember a great day for years to come.



Have a video made of the first year of life and play it at the first birthday party of the boy or girl.  They give a copy of the video to the parents and grandparents to take home with them. They  instruct the parents to play this video for the child at the child's 18th birthday.



Give the graduate the gift of a Photo-2-Video Montage through their childhood and school years. 


Got the whole class on board, collect three pictures from each graduate (Kindergarten, middle school, & senior picture). Have a Photo-2-Video Montage made from these pictures.  This make a great gift for the whole graduating class as each student got a copy.


Family and class reunions are popular occasions to take memorable photographs to have made into a Photo-2-Video Montage.  For a class reunion get 5 pictures from each class member.  One each of baby, kindergarten, middle school, graduation (senior), and present day.  Add a few class group shots in there (maybe from yearbooks and past reunions). Make this into a class Photo-2-Video Montage to play at the reunion and have a copy made for each classmate.


Get a Photos-2-Video Montage of a “through the years” video of the couple to play at mom and dad’s and grandma and grandpa’s special anniversary.



Give the person playing sports a video of all the great pictures you took during that year’s sporting events that he/she played in. Take it one step further and gather the full season's pictures that include the whole team and play it at the awards banquet. And, of course, each player gets a copy.



I have made memorial videos for families to play as part of the memorial or funeral services. also a separate Celebration of Life video to play at the gathering after in remembrance of the loved one who has passed. Each immediate family gets a copy to take home with them.


NOTE: A Memorial video is a video of the loved one through the years (this is usually single shots of the loved one in each stage of their life).  A Celebration of Life video is a video of the life events of the loved ones. (this may include, siblings, children, husband/wife, parents, friends, special events that were part of the loved ones life).